Since the beginning of time, Bikemore Electric Bike Perth has been the force in WA when it comes to electric bikes. Yes it’s true we do not have some of the brands you may know but there are only 2 reasons why:

  1. We are unable to attain the brand account due to another shop already having it since they also sell the non-electric version of the bike; or
  2. They have broken one of the 3 commandments

What are the 3 commandments we speak of? The tablets read loud and clear:

  1. The ebike must have a 2 year warranty on the electrics.
  2. The battery must have Panasonic, Samsung or LG cells inside of the soul
  3. The ebike must be waterproof and not splash proof.

Over the many years we have been doing electric bikes we have stopped supplying some brands of ebike that have now gone entirely online or are sold elsewhere. Many factors play into this but the real reason is that some of the brands on the market do not stack up to the quality we impose on them. 

2 years warranty on the electric should be a minimum but in the end you get what you pay for.

The cells inside give you the range, lifetime use and reliability to hit those pesky hills. Generally our commuters come in every 3 years and change over the battery whilst it common for the non-commuters to get a new battery every 5 years. We also have a battery simulator that diagnoses the health of your battery. Lastly make sure

Lastly, since an ebike is a year round machine it should be riding in the rain without any problems and not just over puddles. All of our ebike are waterproof, is yours? Always read the fine print.

So when choosing your next electric bike think about the 3 commandments and feel free to come into Bikemore for a brief history in how they started, evolved and what the future for you and your future electric bike.

Quality does not cost anything, it pays.

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