An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike is a bike with an integrated electric motor.

Small differences but with big effects: no more hard climbs, no more problems riding into the wind, no more sweating during your commute. Several studies show that e-bike users ride more often and longer, and they usually choose their e-bike instead of other means of transportation.


What type of E-Bikes are there?

Anyone who has ever tried to inform themselves about ebikes, quickly realise what a deep rabbit hole it can be. It also becomes clear that one can lose track of the large range of electric bicycles – and an e-bike is not equal to ebike. However, the electrically assisted bicycles can be divided into several, clear ebike types. But which one is right for you?

Whether it is an e-mountain bike, S-pedelec, trekking or city electric bike depends entirely on your own needs. We therefore always recommend that you take your time with the decision to seek competent advice and to test many different ebikes as you can. With our test track just next to our shop you will feel safe test riding any of our electric bikes.


The trekking e-bike has the basic benefits of all ebike types. It’s a bit more sporty than the city ebike and a bit more comfortable than the e-mountain bike . This makes the trekking ebike ideal for longer trips, the daily commute to work or just go to the supermarket. The lead of luggage bags is no problem for this pedelec. It carries the stable construction of frames, hubs and rims on any type of soil, whether rocky or paved, whether uphill or downhill, fast or slow.


Not so long ago, passionate mountain bikers would not have even uttered the words e-mountain bike. They should take the “real sport” the charm and drive inexperienced mountain bikers on the most difficult trails, so that ambitious drivers on busy roads. Luckily, these times are over, as meanwhile even die-hard mountain bike pros are working for the e-MTB. From their own experience, they make it clear that the physical exertion is preserved, taking a different form.

Instead of having to stop, exhausted after two runs, you can easily make 5! And the climb back up the hill is a breeze. At the same time if done right they can be technically demanding and require a lot of driving skills.


The compact e-bikes are the ideal companion in the city and for anyone who travels a lot. The focus here is very clear: not athletic, but practical. Thanks to its particularly compact frame and the smaller wheels, it can be taken anywhere without ever getting in the way. And while driving, the compact ebike still offers a safe and stable ride and a great comfort , similar to a urban ebike.


The speed pedelec is characterised primarily by the fact that it supports the driver up to 25 km / h with the electric motor. This, of course, opens up completely new possibilities for commuters as well as for people who like to go on long ebike tours and enjoy a particularly high-speed ride.

With the S-Pedelec it is much easier than with a conventional ebike to be able to keep up with the city traffic. For example, the commuter has absolutely no time lost on the way to work – on the contrary! Because the slow traffic can be easily bypassed with the S-Pedelec. The time gained is noticeable and you also do something good for the environment . And yourself too, because you can almost directly from the S-Pedelec go to the meeting, as you arrive relaxed and activated at the destination.

Of course, a S-pedelec is not just a commuter pedelec, but also the ideal means of transport for touring riders. You can travel about 25 km in an hour with a 25 km / h e-bike., some reach reach more depending on which assist mode they are using. This vastly enlarges your own range of motion and previously undiscovered areas can be explored without much effort.

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