Upgrade to an ebike and bring a smile to a face halfway around the world.

Sustainable transport is a big lever in breaking the poverty cycle – a bicycle means you can travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load – this alone is enough to provide a change in circumstance that is profound and lasting but there’s more to this project than just that.

The B4HWA chapter was established in 2011 to address the fundamental barriers to development and healthcare in rural Africa. To date, they have delivered 12 containers filled with over 4000 bikes to small communities in Namibia and South Africa. By partnering with NGOs like Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia (BENN) the containers of bikes, spare parts and tools become the basis of new community run bike shops. This way projects not only provide life changing transport but they also become self-empowerment projects for the community. It also allows access to health care, education, economic opportunity and wider community.

B4HWA also donate bikes to schools in remote aboriginal communities across Western Australia. These bikes are used by schools in their broader health and retention programs. B4HWA also provide bikes to other charities helping refugees start new lives here in Perth, WA.

We know a bike is a life changing object the world over. In the developing world it is life changing on a different scale. For more information please visit the B4HWA webiste.


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A Bicycle Empowerment Center (BEC) is a bike workshop built from the shipping container the bikes have arrived in.

The African implementation partner Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia ( BENN) established this model over 10 years ago and has now built a network of close to 40 BECs across Namibia and into Zambia.

Each of the 40ft shipping containers that Bicycles For Humanity sends becomes a bike workshop – providing employment, skills, training, business, opportunity and economic development for the community in which it’s placed.


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