BIKEMORE has personally seen this brand take over the local Perth area over the last 12 plus years. You may have already see these ebikes out there on the road, especially if the road you took was on Rottnest Island. Yes, that’s right, these ebikes are used there as rental ebikes. So if you are ever on the island only take an electric bike. you will be glad you did, trust us.

Ryder Electric Bikes are designed for the Aussie by an Aussie! The e-bikes are one of the best entry models out there on the market. With 8 different models to choose from we will find that ebike you were always wanting.

It was the Ryder brand that first brought Australian designed and engineered electric bikes into Western Australia with much success. Since then they have not looked back at expanding their brand across Australia.



EST. 2006

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“I didn’t want to believe that an e-bike from Bikemore would change me, but it has. I ride everyday now and eternally grateful I listened to them.”

David Clarke

We bought 2 ebikes (Smartmotion e-city; Smartmotion Mid City) and are very, very pleased with the bikes. They are excellent!! On top of that: there was a very pleasant service by the staff!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Wilko and Ellen

Have been cycling on a Dyson Hardtail mountain ebike now for about a month – as a commuter and on the Munda Biddi trail, and I love my new powerbike! Very good service from Garry at Bikemore, very helpful and knowledgeable when we bought the bike, and he offers a great deal with the Dyson range.

Gita Sonnenberg

Come in and one of our staff will introduce you to being an e-biker. Whatever your style, commute or function we will have an e-bike that will do what you need and more.

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