BIKEMORE has always been looking for the best entry level brand that is Australian. With Vamos we have found what we were looking for all of these years. The Queensland brand has created one of the best ebike for one of the lowest prices we have seen on the market. 

Vamos founders Michael and Conrad, two local boys from Bondi, didn’t start with much of a biking background and don’t even own any lycra. However these two fellers are keen on finding cheap and easy alternatives in life, namely Ebikes, electric biking and the generally electric bicycles

Conrad, initially hesitant (of ebikes), test rode his Dad’s electric bike to his final uni exam. After flying across Centennial Park atop his Ebike Conrad kicked himself when he arrived at his exam half an hour early. Why hadn’t he been using Ebikes all those years before? Sweaty bus rides and driving countless laps around the uni in search of a parking spot had always made for stressful starts to his day. Not to mention the costs involved, it was Ebike love at first Ebike.

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EST. 2017


“I didn’t want to believe that an e-bike from Bikemore would change me, but it has. I ride everyday now and eternally grateful I listened to them.”

David Clarke

We bought 2 ebikes (Smartmotion e-city; Smartmotion Mid City) and are very, very pleased with the bikes. They are excellent!! On top of that: there was a very pleasant service by the staff!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Wilko and Ellen

Have been cycling on a Dyson Hardtail mountain ebike now for about a month – as a commuter and on the Munda Biddi trail, and I love my new powerbike! Very good service from Garry at Bikemore, very helpful and knowledgeable when we bought the bike, and he offers a great deal with the Dyson range.

Gita Sonnenberg

Come in and one of our staff will introduce you to being an e-biker. Whatever your style, commute or function we will have an e-bike that will do what you need and more.

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