We are having our largest end of financial year sale ever! over 30 e bikes on the floor have been heavily discounted up to 30% off the RRP. This only happens once a year so get in quick before stock rides away!

The following electric bikes in Perth are for sale. Numbers are low so get in now:

1# Dyson Mixte 11AMP was $2290, NOW $1890.

2# Dyson Hard Tail 11AMP was $2290, NOW $1890.

3# Dyson RTC 15AMP (Mixte and Hardtail) was $2690, NOW $2280.

4# Dyson Bondi 11AMP was $2190, NOW $1860.

5# Dyson Bondi 15AMP was $2390, NOW $2030.

6# Dyson Thredbo Fatty 11AMP was $2490, NOW $1992.

7# Dyson Thredbo Fatty 15AMP was $2690, NOW $2280.

8# Dyson Folding 26″ was $2150, NOW $1800.

9# Michael Blast Vacay was $3500, NOW $2800.

10# Michael Blast Greaser was $3500, NOW $2800.

11# Vallkree Scrambler was $4050, NOW $3050.

12# Smartmotion E-city was $2490, NOW $2090.

13# Smartmotion Mid-city was $3099, NOW $2630.

14# Smartmotion Pacer was $3400, NOW $2890.

15# Smartmotion E-urban was $2390, NOW $2030.

16# Smartmotion E-20 was $2299, NOW $1900.

17# Ryder FBI was $2190, NOW $1590.

18# Ryder Folding was $2190, NOW $1800.

19# Ryder Zycle was $1905, NOW $1600.

We only have around 30 electric bikes left to sell in this sale, so be quick!

6 thoughts on “HURRY! EOFY SALE! Up to 30% off all floor stock. While stocks last.

  1. Phil says:

    Dyson RTC 15AMP (Mixte and Hardtail) was $2690, NOW $2280.

    Hi do you have this bike in the hardtail available? Must be the one with mudguards and rack.


  2. Toni says:

    Good morning
    do you have smartmotion batteries that you sell? If so, does the offer of 30% still apply?

  3. Jakob says:

    Hi Phil,

    This ebike has sold out but if you are interested we could get it in for you at the same promotional price if you place the order and pay up front. Please contact us on [email protected]

  4. Jakob says:

    Hi Toni,

    Yes we can get batteries for the Smartmotion but sorry the batteries are not on sale. Only the ebikes. The battery, depending on the model is anything between $750 and $950.

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