(+$75 unassembled and delivered)
(+$100 assembled)
(+$175 assembled and delivered)

Don’t let hills or distance stand in your way – enjoy the ride wherever you go with the Kettle Valley electric bike by Schwinn. A fun, nimble e-bike that will get you wherever you‚are going with style and ease. Swing a leg through the aluminium low-step frame and you‚ and be instantly reminded how fun bike riding can be. The Kettle Valley includes full wrap front and rear fenders and a rear rack to keep you riding no matter the weather or tasks you need to accomplish.

Comfort tuned Geometry Alloy frame with low step through design and internal DT battery 

A high visibility bar mounted head unit means that you’ll always have the information you need at hand without any confusing extras. 

A 7 speed, 14-28 rear cog mounted on a 36 volt, 250 watt brushless hub means that you have all of the gears and power you need to tackle anything on your daily commute.

Schwinn’s high visibility bar mounted head unit gives you every bit of information you need while riding without confusion.

From hills and valleys to City streets and suburban backroads and gives you every bit of power and all the gears you need for any ride.

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