(+$75 unassembled and delivered)
(+$100 assembled)
(+$175 assembled and delivered)

The new 2022 EARTH T-REX SP Mixie edition is more than just a good-looking pedelec electric bicycle.

Well-appointed and loaded with luxury practical and premium upgrades you could ever wish for an electric trekking commuter ebike.

German design with advanced and latest EARTH ATM crank mid-drive e-bike technology, the new T-REX 650B SP Mixie trekking

is equipped with high torque EARTH 48V mid-mount Drive motor for all your hill-busting adventures.

EARTH TREX 650B SP mixie trekking includes quality brand bike components, Schwalbe Moto X puncture-proof tires, and tubes,

heavy duty rear rack, front & rear mudguards, front led lights and rear light, adjustable stem, and massive 48V 600WH Samsung

lithium-ion battery power pack, with an optional second mount battery pack, is one of the largest battery capacities of any branded e-bikes in Australia.

EARTH T-rex electric bike comes with a fully integrated down tube battery to protect battery and wires from damage and theft.

The optional GPS tracking is now available for all models.