Key Features:

Quick and easy mounting rear seatpost mudguard for city, hybrid and mountain electric bikes.

  • Dual material spoiler provides better protection and brings flexibility to the fender
  • Remains rigid on rough terrain to protect you where ever you go
  • Angle adjustment to suit your electric bike
  • Reflective ring helps with visibility on the road to other users
  • Light weight just 166 grams

It’s not always fun getting coated in dirt while you ride, especially if you’re on the way to work! Make your ride more comfortable and clean by stopping mud and water from splashing off your back wheel.

The Deflector is easy to mount on your seatpost, with the guard extending over your back wheel. This catches and deflects water, mud and other road grime before it hits your body, keeping you (and your e-bike) cleaner and drier when riding in rough weather.