For years now we have had to adapt to European rules about electric bikes, and we think it is time to stop and start looking up to New Zealand rules. Stop the 250watts and 25kph limit of electric bikes in Perth and adapt the rules in NZ which are 350watts and 32kph. There are many reasons on why this should be the case and a some against, but not many. The infrastructure of Perth and Australia is closer to what New Zealand has to offer, yes they have many more bike paths than us but we are catching up fast. The speed limit if raised to 32kph from 25kph means that you can travel anywhere in Perth from the city centre in 45 minutes, compared to about an hour if travelling at 25kph. Some would say this is to fast but those are usually those that do not ride or are just casual riders not even reaching 15kph. But keep in mind that the Lycra brigade do 32kph just with their own legs. If we can save off 30 minutes or more every day, stay fit and be happy at the same time, what are the down sides? Oh yes Cars you say. Yes we all have to be aware of each other on the road. We are all going somewhere to someone we love. So lets put some love on the road as well. 350watts we can argue that it is not needed as the watts determine the top speed which would not be 32 and at 350w is a much better compatibility. Getting you there faster. We also need extra train cars that are only for transporting bikes, scooters etc. Imagine being able to take your ebike on the train from Mandurah and ride to work in Perth? electric bikes would really take off! But nobody knows how to ride! Well yes that is true but the more we practise the better we will all get. Go to NZ and have a look at the ebike culture there. It s amazing and reminds us of riding a moped in Thailand. Everyone knows where everyone is and hardly any accidents. Do expected things and you will feel more safe on the road. If you agree please write to your local representative or contact the Department of transport and mines.

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