We are so excited to finally have word that the new ebikes from AVANTI are almost here. We could not contain our excitement as it looks like this round of ebikes will now become a real challanger to some of the other top brands. But we really think that they will be even better. All will now come with the Bosch motor system with different parameters that will suit any rider and any conditions. Avanti have also created the cheapest entry level Bosch mid drive that will start from $2590, now that is the first time we have seen a mid drive for under $2800 since the Ordica Neo.

The only problem (not only facing Avanti) is that delivery of all models has been delayed due to Covid-19. Some models will see the light of the floor in November, some in December and some as far as March! But we will wait as these ebike look and sound very promising.

We especially can not wait for the new folding ebike they have developed with a Bosch mid drive motor. This thing will take the folding world by storm giving the Bromptoms a run for the money.

We hope to keep you updated on the new arrivals as they come in.for more information you can visit the Avanti website.

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