No Excuses…Bikemore

Excuse no. 1

I wont get any exercise!

An ebike weighs around 7-11kg more than a regular bicycle. we say just turn off the motor and get ExcerciseMore! Even with the pedal assist turned on, you still have to pedal to get anywhere. More importantly ebikers are able to travel farther than a regular bike which all equals to more exercise.

Excuse no. 2

Ebikes are expensive.

A normal bike can also be expensive, but there is a budget for all. Moreso think about how much you would save compared to a car or even public transport. Filling up your ebike will only cost you cents and not dollars.

Excuse no. 3

You get lazy and don’t pedal.

Unless you want to go 6km/p then yes and that’s walking speed. Great for navigating through pedestrians around the city but your real asset are your legs. It’s also easier to keep your balance on the bike by moving the pedals, its second nature.

Excuse no. 4

They weight a tonne

Some ebikes come in at under 20kg and can range up to the 30’s. But because you have electrical assistance, the ebike feels just like a regular bicycle. Some ebikes also fold up into a little cube for easy transport, perfect for those getaway holidays. You can even take out the battery and the seat to reduce the weight.

Excuse no. 5

The upkeep of the ebike is expensive

Except for the major organs the motor, display and controller you have a normal bicycle, just more adapted for the extra power. If you maintain these and service your ebike once a year like you would a normal bike, your real cost will be the electricity you put into the battery. For those who travel more than the average rider you should be doing your own maintanance such as lubricating the chain and checking your breaks. For more information, please refer to your ebike manual.

Excuse no. 6

It’s cheating.

Cheating in what way? Because you have assistance? It’s cheating if you do it in the Tour De France. Didn’t “they” say the same thing back in the day when bicycles went from one fixed gear to a freewheel? Yes, yes they did.

We think the best way to find out is to actually ride one. Come in and have a test ride. It will change the way you look at electric bikes.

Do you have an excuse we have not heard? We would love to hear it! Contact us.