Car 12-Volt to 36-Volt battery Charger - RCA plug

Car 12-Volt to 36-Volt battery Charger – RCA plug


Allows you to charge up your Electric Bike Battery from a 12-volt source.

Fitted with a standard cigarette light plug it will work with most vehicles.

Please ensure your vehicle has a socket rated for a minimum of 10-amps.

The charger is designed to charge Lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage from 24-36 volts at 1.5 amps.

Compact in size the main unit measures 14 x 9.5 x 5.5 cms (excluding cables) and weights less than 1 kg.

The cable to the cigarette plug is 1-metre long and the cable to the battery charge plug is just over 1-metre long.

This version is fitted with a RCA plug which is used on many electric bikes including the Dyson Bikes the later model 26-inch folding bikes which use an RCA type plug.

Please note the battery needs to be removed from the folding bike to insert the plug into the battery.